1. Connections

Like synapses in the human brain, Synaptech operates with speed and agility connecting people, processes, and technologies together to develop innovative solutions to our customer's most challenging problems.

2. Best Value Solutions

We focus intensely on becoming the customer's provider of choice by always operating with integrity, employing the best people in the industry, and providing the best value solutions possible to meet our customer's needs.

3. Creativity

Many of today's challenges require new and creative approaches. At Synaptech, we hire the best cross-disciplinary experts needed to develop innovative solutions to create a better tomorrow for future generations.

4. Performance

At Synaptech, we strive to be the best in everything we do. Our outstanding people, streamlined processes, and constant dedication to customer satisfaction, all pave the way for the high performance culture that we embody.

Research & Innovation

Out of the box thinking for revolutionary results


At Synaptech, we understand that sometimes the solution to a problem requires a different approach.  Out of the box thinking can lead to impressive performance gains, cost reductions, or other project benefits.  We are your partner to discuss these options and determine if a new approach is of appropriate risk and ready for insertion into your most challenging projects.